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The company Vezzo Metals, founded in July 19, 2004, combines the skills of its founder, Daniel Vincent de Souza, with the aim of providing quality and technology to its customers. Initially, our company has prioritized high frequency arrays and configuration of EVA. We currently provide many products covering the footwear and technical parts and components for footwear industry: Models for soles in 3D matrices for vulcanized outsole, high frequency array, arrays blow arrays bulge, pattern leather, rubber label, PVC injection, blow. The company Vezzo Metals is seeking to innovate in technology and quality, making the use of appropriate equipment and software for your niche market.

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Vezzo Metais produces many types of molds for injection or print joining technology and high professional qualifications. Check out our diversified line of molds: - Warm/cold conformation; - Frequency Molds; - Rubberized print; - PVC Injection; - Blow Molds; - Molds for conformation of soles in EVA.

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With regard to products and / or services sold in the market, there are several definitions for quality, "according to the requirements of customers", "cost / benefit", "fitness for use", "value-added, that similar products not have "; "do it right the first time"; "products and / or services with effectiveness." Anyway, the term is commonly used to mean "excellence" of a product or service.   This has been the main focus of Vezzo Metals, the relentless pursuit of quality in our products and services. And the proof is to show our customers our quality, we work with world known brands. This shows that the quality is present in everything we do. Try it yourself our quality becoming one of our customers!
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